Covid Certificate to Enter Bars?

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France now requires a covid "certificate", is Vallarta next?

The French government will require its citizens to obtain a covid certificate in order to enter bars, restaurants and other places.
In the face of the coronavirus crisis, France will force all its health personnel to be vaccinated and require a certificate of immunization or a negative covid-19 result to enter public places such as bars, cinemas and restaurants or to travel on trains and planes. French President Emmanuel Macron announced in a half-hour televised speech measures to prevent a new wave of the pandemic from filling hospitals again, forcing new confinements and thwarting the recovery of the economy after more than a year and a half of restrictions.

Macron has summed up to if his approach to the push of a new wave, "recognize civility and put the burden of the restrictions on the unvaccinated and not on everyone". The message is: vaccination equals not only health, but also full freedom. The French President, in prime time, affirmed: "the more we vaccinate, the less space there is for the virus to spread, the more hospitalizations we will avoid and the more dangerous other mutations of the virus will be prevented". And he added: "whether it is close to home, at your vacation destination, with or without an appointment, get vaccinated! The appeal had an immediate effect, the popular website doctolib, where vaccination appointments can be booked, was overwhelmed by the avalanche of requests. When in May Macron ended the third confinement and reopened cafes, restaurants and cinemas, the idea was that the French could spend the summer months enjoying a vacation in freedom and that the government could focus on economic recovery.

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