Dengue Cases Continue To Decline In Jalisco

General Health
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Health authorities report fewer and fewer cases of dengue fever; therefore, the measures have been efficient.

Thanks to citizen participation and prevention actions carried out by all institutions involved in the fight against the Aedes aegipty mosquito, which transmits dengue fever, Jalisco has kept the number of cases of this disease in the state at a low level. The year 2021 closed with 95 percent less infections compared to the previous year and only one non-serious case has been confirmed so far in 2022. This was announced during the presentation of the Report on Actions against Dengue 2021 that took place this Tuesday 22nd during the First Ordinary Session 2022 of the Inter-institutional Commission "Transectorial Unit for the Prevention and Control of Vector-borne Diseases in the State of Jalisco", headed by the General Strategic Coordinator of Social Development, Anna Bárbara Casillas García, and the head of the Ministry of Health in the entity (SSJ), Fernando Petersen Aranguren. "Everyone's commitment is required to keep this vector-transmissible disease at bay and it is very important that we maintain this low incidence, because we have to continue to address issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and other types of illnesses," said the coordinator.

She thanked the participation of the 26 agencies -from the State Executive and institutions such as IMSS and ISSSTE, among others- that are part of this Unit for the fight against dengue and other vector-borne diseases (mosquitoes). The state official asked the attendees to renew their commitment this 2022, after the good results of the implemented strategy. She recalled that in 2019 Jalisco experienced a dengue epidemic, which was a strain on the entire health system. For his part, Petersen Aranguren, in his capacity as Executive Secretary of this Inter-institutional Commission, presented the 2021 Report, noting that during the past year in Mexico 37,742 probable cases of dengue were reported and 6,746 of them were confirmed; and 39 deaths were recorded nationwide with a lethality of 1.7 percent.

"In Jalisco, by the close of 2020, 4 thousand 455 cases of non-serious dengue were recorded, and in 2021 153 cases of non-serious dengue were recorded. As of epidemiological week six in 2020, there were 39 cases of dengue fever, in 2021 there were 16 cases and in 2022, as of the same epidemiological week, there was only one case," said the head of the SSJ. In Jalisco, as of epidemiological week number 6, 132 probable cases of dengue have been reported, with only one confirmed case corresponding to the municipality of Zapopan; a decrease of 95.2 percent, compared to the previous year, said the Secretary of Health. "The trend of probable dengue cases in the last four weeks has remained downward. In this 2022, Jalisco ranks 15th nationally, by incidence rate, and eighth by the number of cases with only one case," Petersen Aranguren indicated.