Each Vaccine Shows Different Protection Against Ómicron

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There are variations against the new variant

There has been great concern about the new Omicron variant of SARS-Cov-2, which causes covid-19 disease. One of the main reasons is that it has accumulated more than 50 mutations. Scientists around the world have been working around the clock to learn more about this variant. Available research indicates that existing vaccines, which are among the greatest public health achievements globally, will continue to protect against the most severe forms of the disease, all the more reason to get booster doses. The first preliminary reports on protection against Omicron are data to be interpreted as the first available evidence. Nor are their findings definitive, they do not have enough information yet. However, here we tell you what is the efficacy, according to the pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer one of the most widely administered vaccines in the world against covid-19 is Pfizer.

Their first analyses indicated that the protective effect drops drastically against the new variant. However, they said, a booster dose considerably increases the immune system's defense against omicron. A recently published preliminary study by Discovery Health, South Africa's largest private insurer, found that the vaccine from pfzer Pharmaceuticals and German partner Biontech provides only 33 percent protection. However, the vaccine is said to offer 70 percent protection against hospitalization. Modern The U.S. pharmaceutical company warned that its vaccines against covid-19 may not be as effective against the omicron variant. This was stated by the CEO of the drug maker Moderna, who said that its doses are unlikely to be as efficient as they have been against previous variants.

Astrazeneca: As with any new emerging variant we are investigating B.11 529 (omicron), to understand more about it and the impact on the vaccine. Johnson & Johnson According to an analysis done in South Africa, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine did not produce any antibody protection with the new variant. SPUTNICK Not accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO).