Governor Denies That Hospitals Are Overcrowded

General Health
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Alfaro asks young people to take care of themselves in order to be able to continue with activities

The governor confirms recent coronavirus infections in the state, mostly young people between 20 and 34 years old, have not saturated Jalisco's hospitals. He also asked young people to take extreme precautions in their daily activities and for the moment he ruled out a new hospital reconversion. Some notes have been generated in the sense of saturated hospitals, to which Enrique Alfaro, Governor of Jalisco, informed: "we do not have an overwhelmed health system, You have to look at the difference between the number of hospitalized people we have at the moment. Those we had at the most critical moment of the pandemic in January 2020, and those we had last year, more than triple...The call is for all of us to act responsibly.

The call is for all of us to act responsibly. Regarding hospital care in this phase of the pandemic, Enrique Alfaro said that there is a flexible strategy, which can be adjusted as needed, that is, if more beds are required, they will be installed, but without reaching a process of reconversion. In a press conference, the President also informed that in the last few days the positive rate went from 5 to 10.3 percent and the number of cases reached 2,560 in the most recent cut-off. In addition, 90.percent of the people recently hospitalized did not have the vaccine, and he called on them to continue to be vaccinated. However, he clarified that Jalisco is well below the national average in the incidence of active cases, which so far stands at a rate of 46.53 percent, while Jalisco's is at 23.32 percent. "In the last three weeks it is important to make the comparative that, is what, from that, the Health table we are evaluating. When we talk about a new wave of contagions, one may think that we were like at the beginning of the year, and that is not the case, we are we are much lower than the peak we had at the beginning of this year, said the president

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