Health Authorities Asks To Attend With Their Printed Vaccination Records

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People who need their vaccination record must obtain a validation stamp at the Day Care Center.

Commander SSN MC Juan Antonio Moreno Luna, director of the Naval Hospital of Puerto Vallarta, received us this Monday to take note of the vaccination process of this new day, which will be carried out in this city on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Therefore, it began with an excellent response from the elderly, who came to the facilities of the Naval Hospital to receive their third dose of the AstraZeneca biologic. Since very early in the morning they were already lined up for the application of the vaccine, so they were passing in orderly groups of people for the application of the third dose of vaccine against the coronavirus. We observed that the naval personnel provided support to the people who did not have their vaccination record, because due to bad information, people came only with their voter's credentials, so they had not registered for their third dose, as happened in the first two vaccination days. People commented to this media that they had only been informed that the identification of the voter's credential was enough to receive the vaccine, so hospital staff had to help people, especially foreigners, to obtain their registration for the previous vaccinations.

Likewise, the vaccine was applied hygienically and with gloves. It is worth mentioning that in the case of foreigners who need a record of the vaccines, or the registration to be able to travel abroad, now with the new law that will be applied when entering the United States, they will have to go with their registration to obtain a stamp of validity that they have already received the vaccine at La Casa de Día, located at Calle Milenium #143, colonia La Aurora, with telephone number: 322-114-39-46. For this reason, the director of the Naval Hospital emphasized to come with their vaccination record and their voter's credential in order to speed up the process, since there is a large number of people who wish to receive the dose. It will be necessary to register at vacunacovid.gob.mx and bring the 2 previous vaccination records and their INE. The first day of the day was carried out efficiently, with a lot of order and speed, so that a large part of the population was covered. A total of 1,000 vaccines were administered to 484 men and 516 women, all over 60 years of age.

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