Intense Vaccination Campaign Against The Papilloma Virus

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It will be applied to women from 11 to 49 years old

The Ministry of Health of Jalisco (SSJ) announced the intensification of the vaccination campaign against Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in cisgender and transgender women, aged 11 to 49 years, living with HIV, in order to prioritize the protection of this population group and in accordance with federal guidelines.

In the Facebook Live "Let's talk about the vaccine against Human Papilloma Virus", the coordinator of Social Determinants in Health of the SSJ, María Elena Pajarito Melchor, explained that the vaccine will be applied next week at the Specialized Care Center for HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections for the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara (AMG), inaugurated last December.

The official reminded that the vaccine is free of charge and will be applied in three doses at intervals of zero, two and six months. The vaccine is also available at health centers distributed throughout the state.

"If you know or are a Cis woman or trans woman living with HIV, we invite you to come, it is important to get vaccinated against human papillomavirus," explained the specialist.

The HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections Specialized Care Center is located at Calle Gigantes no. 3298, colonia San Andres, San Andres. 3298, Colonia San Andres, between Manuel M. Ponce and Ricardo Palmerin streets. The hours of application will be from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Friday, January 27 and from Monday, January 30 to Friday, February 3.

Pajarito Melchor pointed out that for the moment the Federal Government has no papilloma vaccine available for other population groups, except for the campaign for adolescents in 1st and 2nd year of high school, which is still underway in schools and health centers.


The SSJ continues to apply the HPV vaccine to adolescents in 1st and 2nd year of high school. The call is made through the school center with prior authorization of the mothers, fathers or guardians, to vaccinate their daughters during school hours and only by signed notification is the dose applied. They can also take them to their health center.

The coordinator of Social Determinants in Health emphasized that the papilloma virus vaccine is the best tool to prevent adolescent girls from cervical cancer, one of the main causes of death in women.

The vaccine being administered this time to adolescents requires only a single dose and protects against HPV types 6, 11, 16 and 18, which cause cancer.

Adolescents 13 and 14 years old who are not in school can also receive the vaccine at their health center or IMSS medical unit.

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