Jalisco, With 100 Contagions Per Hour

General Health
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Due to highly contagious variant Omicron

The governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, informed in figures that in one week 16,011 new cases were registered, with 15,991 active cases, 374 people hospitalized with a quarter of the hospital occupancy, without representing a risk for the health sector. In addition, there was a positivity rate of 34.3 percent and 47 deaths in week 2 of this year 2022. The figures reveal that in the most recent week the municipalities of the entity have registered almost 100 coronavirus infections per hour, a figure that is already considered very high. "The percentage of our occupation of our hospital infrastructure is at 26.8 percent, that is to say, we have occupied only a quarter of the capacity we have for attention in Jalisco of our state public system. At this point we had 1,795 a year ago, today we have 374, that is the difference". And in intensive care bed occupancy we are at 20.5 percent," added Alfaro Ramirez. In terms of health personnel isolated due to contagion, 801 people have been detected in OPD Servicios de Salud out of a total of 22,000 workers. In Hospitales Civiles de Guadalajara 355 positives out of 7,600 workers "I say this clearly with all the administrative organization work being done by both OPD Servicios de Salud and Hospitales Civiles de Guadalajara at this moment the capacity of medical attention in our health system is not compromised", assured the governor.

Vallarta, With High Incidence: In turn, Anna Bábara Casillas, coordinator of the Strategic General of Social Development, informed that the municipalities with high incidence are: Colotlán, Puerto Vallarta, Atenguillo, Guadalajara, Villa Guerrero, Autlán de Navarro, Tala, Huejuquilla el Alto, Zapopan, Cocula, Tonalá, Unión de San Antonio, San Pedro Tlaquepaque and Tlajomulco de Zúñiga. At the same time, the percentage of total vaccination of 84 percent was maintained with a single dose during week 1. Jaime Andrade Villanueva, director of the Civil Hospitals of Guadalajara, made a call to the population due to the increase in the demand for Covid-19 tests, as it is recommended to attend in due time and form the recommendations being made on the fourth day of having contact with someone at risk and not the following day, or when presenting any symptom in the same time range, as the most sensitive point for a positive test grows from day 4 to 8.

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