Mexico Receives Shipment of 900 Thousand Sputnik V Doses

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The shipment arrived at terminal 1 of the Mexico City International Airport on flight EK9915, from Moscow, Russia

Early Sunday morning, Mexico received 900 thousand Sputnik V packaged vaccines (second component) against covid-19 from the National Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology Research Gamaleya, with which said laboratory has delivered six million 900 thousand doses. At 3:04 a.m., the sixteenth shipment of this pharmaceutical company arrived at terminal 1 of the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) "Benito Juarez" on flight EK9915, from Moscow, Russia, with a stopover in Zaragoza, Spain. Forty-eight members of the Mexican Army participated in the arrival, transfer and security of the vaccines.
SHIPMENTS RECEIVED Mexico has received 84 million 696 thousand 505 doses of packaged vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Sinovac, Centro Nacional de Investigación de Epidemiología y Microbiología Gamaleya, CanSino Biologics, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna. Likewise, in Mexico, the Drugmex laboratory has packaged 7,195,410 doses of CanSino Biologics, and the Liomont laboratory 23,055,900 AstraZeneca biologicals, for a total of 30,251,310 vaccines packaged in the country. Since December 23, Mexico has had available 114 million 947 thousand 815 biologicals in total.
Mexico has continued to advance in its vaccination process against the coronavirus in all sectors of the population, thus reducing the number of infections in the population. Now it is the turn of children under 16 to be vaccinated and we will start with the most vulnerable sector with chronic diseases. So far, 98.9 million doses of vaccine against covid-19 have been administered in Mexico, and 44.3 million people have been fully vaccinated, 34.7% of the population is fully vaccinated