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During the vaccination days where thousands of young people came to receive the dose.

Throughout the vaccination days for 18 year olds, a large number of young people came to the facilities of the Naval Hospital to receive the dose of the Sinovac pharmaceutical company. Commander Carlos Pizano Ramirez, general director of the Naval Hospital of Puerto Vallarta, informed that there was a very good response from the young people 18 years of age and older who came to receive the biologic. He emphasized the importance of continuing to use masks and to abide by all the necessary measures to avoid the spread of more contagions among the population.

PROTECTION AGAINST CORONAVIRUS He said that a young person who has already been vaccinated can be protected than another young person who has not received the biologic, since having the vaccine can reduce the risk of death in case of being infected with the virus. On the other hand, if a young person who has not received a vaccine becomes infected, the effects of the virus in his body will be much stronger and he may even die. Captain Pizano clarified that those who have been infected should wait up to three months to receive the vaccine and, likewise, if they are infected they should not go for the application, as it is not recommended due to the opposite effect it could cause.

EXCELLENT WORK It is important to highlight the excellent work that the Puerto Vallarta Naval Hospital has done to contribute with the vaccination actions in the tourist destination. We know it is a great responsibility and risk, but they do it out of heart and solidarity in the face of the pandemic we are going through. For this reason they have been not only hours, but days of hard work in this tireless fight against covid-19 in Puerto Vallarta, which is currently experiencing the effects of a new wave of contagions.

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