New Restrictions Ruled Out According to Mesa De Salud

General Health
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Authorities will evaluate actions taken such as bar closures to determine if they have worked.

At a time when Jalisco registers a similar scenario to January 2021 in numbers of active cases of coronavirus, mortality, positivity and hospital occupancy caused by the disease are lower. The members of the Jalisco Health Board have made a decision based on these numbers and have approved that for now there will be no new restrictive measures, even though as of this Monday the state is in red epidemiological traffic light, which will remain in force for the next two weeks, when it will come to an end on August 22nd.

THERE WILL BE AN EVALUATION In the next few days, the results of the evaluation of the actions taken in August that caused the closing of bars and night clubs and the cancellation of massive events such as the October festivities and public inaugurations will be announced.

This evaluation will be carried out to know if the measures helped to lower the rate of contagion or, if not, to determine if it is necessary to adjust the entity's preventive strategy against covod-19. In this way, the restrictions announced two weeks ago are maintained, among which are: the reduction of capacity in restaurants from 75% to 50% of capacity, with closing hours at 00:00 hours, as well as the cancellation of bars and nightclubs during the whole month of August. In closed event halls the capacity was reduced from 350 to 150 people, while in open event halls the capacity was reduced from 600 to 300 people. In order not to affect hotel operations, the capacity of 80% of hotel operations was maintained, but the capacity in common areas was reduced to 50%, while in stadiums the capacity was reduced from 33% with the mandatory use of masks.

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