"Nothing Comes Before The Health Of Our People", Alfaro

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The highest authority of the state sent this message regarding the cruise ships.

Everyone will always be welcome, but it is necessary for people to have a negative covid-19 test in order to get off the boat, and he made it very clear that if there are no tests, no one gets off. And it is very clear that for the governor of Jalisco "health comes first", something that has kept Puerto Vallarta in a favorable order against the covid-19 pandemic. The measures he took during the pandemic were the right ones, because thanks to this Vallarta remained with a low rate of contagion, reason why the airport was always open and always respecting the measures imposed by Governor Enrique Alfaro, this allowed North Americans mainly to trust in this state to continue traveling and with the confidence that they would be fine, Therefore the measures established by the governor of the state have allowed thousands of foreigners who arrived by air to visit Vallarta, since at that time cruise ships were not allowed, without affecting the economy of Puerto Vallarta.

This allowed tourists to continue coming to this port, which moved the economy in very favorable numbers, and thousands of tourists have arrived to this port by air. Let's remember that this maintained all this time a very good economic recovery. North Americans commented to this media that one of the main reasons why they did not stop coming was the confidence of knowing that there were no restrictions as in other countries, but there were health measures, which comforted them to know that they were like this, since in their country this did not happen and there was a high rate of contagion so they felt safe to be vacationing here in this beautiful city, They also mentioned to respect the health measures to be able to continue arriving and feel safe, they also thanked the governor for those who traveled in boats and were trapped at sea by the pandemic, to have been supported and helped to return to their country of origin. It is important to follow these guidelines in order to remain healthy and to be able to continue working, otherwise there is a risk of infecting the population and no one will be able to attend to the tourism that comes to vacation in this port, so the economy could suffer a decompensation of what has been achieved so far and with firm steps.

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