Order and Fluidity in the Vaccination Process

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Puerto Vallarta Naval Hospital From June 9 to 11 the AstraZeneca vaccine will be applied to people between 40 and 49 years of age

The hospital Zona Naval Puerto Vallarta will be applying the vaccine against covid-19, until June 11. Upon arriving at the hospital's facilities we were kindly received by the director Carlos Pizano Ramirez, who allowed us access to the vaccination process and who kindly welcomed us and said : we are working intensely with the vaccination day for the population from 40 to 49 years old, we started yesterday, we started a little late due to some details that can always happen, but already at 9:40 am we were working and yesterday we were already working and 450 doses were applied to this population over 40 years old and today we have 1000 doses that we are going to apply during the course of today and until the day is over, most likely at 4:00 pm. Today's flow has been very fast, very orderly and we believe that we are going to finish in time and form. The day is programmed until June 11, unless there is some change, which can sometimes happen, there are times when the time has been shortened, or on the contrary, when it has been lengthened, but what is programmed now is that it will be until the 11th of this month. From the beginning it was said that the vaccine would be applied here in the Naval Zone for pregnant women, was there any change? That is right, but we had been told from the beginning, but here we received AstraZeneca this time and last time it was Sinovac, and for that reason we preferred to wait for Sinovac to arrive, so unfortunately we could not vaccinate pregnant women this time, So we hope that later on we will be able to continue and now we have been informed that the population over 40 years old will be vaccinated, either to receive their first dose, or those who already have their dose, and who may already have the time to receive the second dose, which is between 30 and 90 days, may also receive their second dose. As well as latecomers from other groups such as 50 and 59 years old, and 60 years old are also welcome.

Can U.S. residents still come here for the vaccination? Yes of course, since they are also residents here, according to the instructions received, everyone who proves to be a resident of Puerto Vallarta is welcome. And all the more so for that community that is so important for all of us. We have not had as many as in the first days but in fact some have come and they have been given the necessary attention and have already received their vaccination. When asked why the pregnant women were not vaccinated, she commented that all the vaccines are good but it has not been technically possible yet, but perhaps in the future it will be possible. It was decided to wait until the other biologic arrives so that there are no risks. According to the news and publications in social networks, it would be applied to pregnant women, what happened? If on the first day there was some confusion, we apologize, these are things that are sometimes out of control, there were some people who arrived because of the information they received and saw, but Colonel Ortiz, who is the person with whom I coordinated, the regional coordinator of the whole vaccination process in Jalisco, who is also a very experienced doctor, made the decision that it was better to wait and not to apply it for the moment, at least in this vaccination process. We are not organizers, we are only supporting within the Navy plan, the intention is to support the health sector and the road brigades, so we lend our facilities, but at the end of the day many decisions are made at another level and we simply follow them and contribute with a grain of sand. We understand that these are dynamic processes that have to be managed in this way and that sometimes information arrives very quickly and this can generate some kind of misinformation and coordination, but our will is to do our best and if in any way there has been any inconvenience we want you to know that we have done our best to attend you as best as possible, within our possibilities, since we follow orders, we are not organizers but we are supporting the health sector in this extensive vaccination process. These processes are difficult and complicated, so we ask for a little understanding if there are changes, as in this case, in the beginning we vaccinated pregnant women, and then we changed to people from 40 to 49 years old and the general population, well that is what we were told by the organizers of the health sector. The things that have gone well, we will continue to do them and to improve them despite the changes that we have been informed and that we have had to implement strategies.

Some people when we tell them that it is AstraZeneca we can see in their faces that it is not their preference, but it is really very good and the risks are minimal, they are normal, any substance in our organism has a risk, but I believe that the benefits are infinitely superior to the few risks. Sinovac was previously given to pregnant women and it is assumed that Sinovac is likely to come again, for the issue that at least here in the Naval Hospital was left pending for pregnant women. Today we have 1000 doses and the truth is that we are doing very well and we are very close to giving them. We are supposed to be there until 4:00 p.m., or until the 1000 doses indicated today are used up. The day starts at 8:00 a.m., from that time on people can come forward since the process once it starts is very fluid so that there are no long waits. At the cut-off time of 14:00 hrs. We have 850 doses already applied and we are going to finish on time. Vallarta Today was able to confirm that the vaccination process that is being carried out at the Zona Naval hospital is of the highest level; as well as observing a lot of order and speed during the application of this biologic and with a lot of order and fluidity, that is to say the most efficient and fast that the people have been very satisfied with going to this hospital.

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