Puerto Vallarta Exceeds 90% Hospital Occupancy Rate Due to Covid-19

General Health
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It is expected to decrease in the last hours of the week with the new measures Implemented by the governor.

Hospital occupancy in Puerto Vallarta due to covid-19 infection has already exceeded 90% and that is why the government of the state of Jalisco is paying special attention to the case of this municipality. This was announced by the governor of the state of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, after participating in the morning conference of the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who visited Puerto Vallarta. The governor answered Vallarta Today that he was giving support to the hospitals of the municipality. When answering if he was giving the conditioning of a new area where "we will be able to increase the number of beds, because we already have a strong pressure both in the case of Vallarta and in Banderas Bay; I hope it will be ready in the next few hours with at least 12 additional beds and with this we will be able to continue advancing in the program and strategy of flexible conversion at a state level.

The governor said, "the only place where we have this pressure (of hospital beds for covid-19) is here in Vallarta and we are already working on it; right now I am going to supervise quickly and before returning to Guadalajara the room works in the new space and we are confident that in the last few hours it will be ready. The place is very close to the Regional Hospital".

As for the percentage of hospital occupancy, Alfaro Ramirez said: "we were already above 90% last Sunday night; I insist, Puerto Vallarta is the only municipality in Jalisco that has this problem of hospital occupancy, but we are going to react in time and with the preventive measures we are taking, as well as the vaccination work that has advanced in Puerto Vallarta, it will soon have an effect and may lower the pressure on hospital occupancy.

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