Puerto Vallarta Regional Hospital to Be Expanded

General Health
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State and municipal authorities supervised the works corresponding to the second phase of the hospital.

Interim Municipal President Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado accompanied State Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramirez on a tour of the Puerto Vallarta Regional Hospital this Thursday to supervise the progress of the rehabilitation works of this hospital, which have already concluded their first stage and are 88 percent complete in their second phase. The state governor indicated that within the first stage of work 45-47 million pesos were invested and the following areas were intervened: operating and recovery rooms, emergency rooms, toco-surgery, gynecological offices, laboratories, x-rays, main entrance, machine room, first floor for outpatients, bathrooms and staff dressing rooms. Currently, he pointed out, the second stage is 88 percent complete, with an additional investment of 42.4 million pesos, which will allow the rehabilitation of the neonatal intensive care unit, another part of the machine room, laundry area, growth and development area, as well as the construction of the new kitchen area and dormitories for residents, a new building that will allow residents to have a place to stay and "strengthen our capacity to provide care, to have an administrative structure and the necessary personnel for the hospital to function correctly".

THERE WILL BE A THIRD PHASE Álvaro Ramirez also announced that a commitment has already been made to carry out a third stage next year, to which 30 million pesos will be allocated, which will completely renovate this regional hospital. The governor and the mayor were accompanied on this tour by the state Secretary of Health, Fernando Petersen Aranguren, the Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Works, David Miguel Zamora Bueno; the general director of the OPD Servicio de Salud Jalisco, José de Jesús Mendez de Lira, among other authorities