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Interview with: Hector Corona Perez general director of Cellstime Clinique and president of the Lcells Foundation.

"We use mesenchymal stem cells as a tool to carry out treatments with Regenerative Medicine".

Hector, how do mesenchymal stem cells benefit the body?

Mesenchymal stem cells have a range of opportunities where they interact with the regenerative organism showing the capacity of the cells.

What age should the person who is going to receive the cells be and how do they act in the organism?

Human beings from the age of 40 years or older, begin to suffer symptoms that go according to lifestyle, or that occur with the passage of time, I mean problems with joints, as well as chronic degenerative diseases, to mention a segment.

Aesthetic Medicine:

Do these stem cell treatments work with aesthetic medicine?

It is for regenerative medicine patients who are looking to take care of themselves and prevent aging.

What part of the body are we referring to?

Aesthetic Medicine is an area where cells work in a very special way, in example; hair regeneration, dermal, face, neck, hand, stretch marks, scars to change and improve the style of a person.

Life Expectancy: 

You talk about improving life expectancy and improving people's quality of life. How are you going to achieve this?

There are several chronic degenerative diseases that if you treat them well, with the help of cells we are going to improve the quality of life of the person. This type of cells that the body no longer produces with the same quantity and quality, is where we are going to work and regenerate tissues. You don't have to be sick, the cells work with sick people as well, as with people of a certain age that the body is no longer able to produce more cells, but that are deteriorating with the passage of time, our job is to regenerate these old cells with new cells.

"When the body no longer reproduces cells with a certain quantity and quality, it is when mesenchymal stem cells come to represent a substitute to regenerate the skin or the area to be treated".

"Mesenchymal cells are living human cells that favor angiogenesis, in example, the regeneration of the skin. angiogenesis, that is to say: the formation of new blood vessels, and by doing so, the skin is greatly improved".

We are not talking about traditional aesthetic medicine, we are talking about regenerative medicine, in aesthetic medicine.

Where do these cells come from?

They are live human mesenchymal cells, source of human placenta, the process to obtain them is through a donation of a human placenta, which goes through strict quality standards as it is done in the donation of an organ, a safe tissue with all the studies.

How many doses can be obtained from a placenta?

A cellular expansion is made and the cells are multiplied, from a single placenta, we can obtain thousands of doses.

Do you do any charity work or support any institution?

We collaborate with the Lcells Foundation that carries out a great work with the use of regenerative cells, it supports even minor patients, patients with problems such as lupus, nephitislupuca, fibrosis, psoriasis, and even infantile diabetes or juvenile arthritis, we support different areas and pathologies.

regenerative medicine

Are you certified?

We have a federal license from COFEPRIS to dispose of organs and cells for therapeutic purposes. We are also endorsed by COFEPRIS. Evidence-based medicine, with scientific support. It should be noted that cellstime works in coordination with a laboratory that is responsible for processing the cells that are applied to patients, this to support the safety and functionality that will have these in the body for patient safety all under strict standards regulated by the government.

Thanks to the fact that Mexico has these regulations, Cellstime receives here foreign patients who are sent from the USA by their specialists to receive medical attention in treatments with cellular therapy, to this clinic in Puerto Vallarta. With 15 years of experience in the area of regenerative medicine, Cellstime has gained the trust of medical tourism, who come to be treated at this Cellstime clinic located in Plaza Peninsula in Puerto Vallarta, where they come to be treated for different pathologies and thanks to the treatments with mesenchymal stem cells, the patients have improved their life style, as well as have been reincorporated to their activities within their daily life. Cellstime has a wide range of medical specialists in different branches such as traumatologists, rheumatologists, and nephrologists of different specialties, in all areas focused on regenerative medicine with experience in mesenchymal cells.