Stragglers in Vallarta Exhaust the 10 Thousand Doses Allocated

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Wednesday's vaccination day was cancelled due to vaccine depletion, informed health authorities.

The Jalisco Ministry of Health informed that this Tuesday, in less than eight hours that the vaccination day against Covid-19 lasted, the 10 thousand existing doses for stragglers in Puerto Vallarta ran out. Jaime Alvarez Zayas, director of the Eighth Health Region, confirmed that the AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company's vaccine batch ran out due to the massive response of the people of Vallarta. He mentioned that this Tuesday, people aged 18 or 20 years old, as well as those aged 30, 40 and 50 years old or more, who for some reason, weeks ago were not able to receive any application of the vaccine against the coronavirus, attended en masse.

It is for this reason that the vaccination day scheduled for Wednesday was already cancelled, since the 10 thousand available doses that had been assigned for Puerto Vallarta by the government of the state of Jalisco ran out on Tuesday. It was also reported that people under 30 years of age were the age group that attended the most during the vaccination day, after the fact that in contrast there were very few older adults. Thus Puerto Vallarta becomes the first municipality in the state of Jalisco to conclude the vaccination scheme against Covid-19 in all age groups, including the stragglers.

In this way, the vaccination day was concluded, which from the beginning had been reported, would be on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, concluding this Tuesday, October 26th