Third Dose Of AstraZeneca To Be Applied

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Now it is the turn of the health and education sector to receive their covid-19 booster

The application of the Covid-19 vaccine booster to health personnel began in Jalisco. This third dose corresponds to the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and will be supplied to the medical, nursing, dental, nutrition, psychology, chemical-pharmacobiologists, administrative, orderlies, security workers, stewards and other healthcare workers. It is estimated that 90,000 public and private sector workers will be vaccinated, said the head of the Jalisco Ministry of Health (SSJ), Fernando Petersen Aranguren, who supervised the start of the day by visiting the vaccination modules located at the Regional Hospital "Valentín Gómez Farías" of the Institute of Social Security Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) and the Zapopan General Hospital "Hospitalito" of the Zapopan Municipal Medical Services.

"The journey starts at ISSSTE, at the Municipal Medical Services, at IMSS, at the Civil Hospitals of Guadalajara, we will start with the public sector and next week we will be applying the vaccination for the health personnel of the private sector and other hospitals and institutions," he explained. He emphasized that the third dose of vaccine will reinforce the protection of the personnel who work in the health sector, and is a strategy "to take care of those who take care of us", those who directly face the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus and we call them heroes and heroines: the health workers. IMMUNIZATION GUARANTEED For his part, the medical sub-delegate of the ISSSTE, Alan Ulises Solano, explained that all the personnel belonging to the Jalisco delegation will receive the immunization through different modules in medical units of this Institute both in the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara and in the interior of the state. "We are joining the reinforcement campaign of all the health personnel, medical professionals, paramedics, who are located throughout the delegation, in clinics, the hospital in Ciudad Guzman and Puerto Vallarta," he said. Only at the "Valentin Gomez Farias" Regional Hospital, which has been providing care to Covid-19 patients since the beginning of the pandemic, there are approximately 1,800 people working, who will receive their third booster dose.

While continuing the supervision at the "Hospitalito" in Zapopan, the Secretary of Health emphasized that Jalisco has faced the pandemic with great awareness, and thanked the population that continues to apply the preventive measures that are fundamental to reduce the risk of contagion: the proper use of masks, avoiding crowds in enclosed spaces, frequent hand washing and ventilation. "This is a good moment to apply the third dose, I am very pleased that health personnel come and apply the vaccine because this is the best way we have at the moment to protect ourselves all," he said.

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