Vaccination of Adults From 40 to 49 Years of Age Begins Today

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The journey will begin this June 8, in 53 municipalities of Jalisco, where it will also be possible to vaccinate stragglers of 50 and over and pregnant women.

Today, Tuesday, June 8, the vaccination against covid-19 for people from 40 to 49 years of age will begin in 53 municipalities of Jalisco, where pregnant women over 18 years of age with more than 9 weeks of gestation will also be able to receive the first doses of the vaccine. In these 53 municipalities, people aged 50 and over who for some reason did not get vaccinated when it was their turn to be vaccinated will also have the opportunity to be vaccinated. AstraZeneca vaccines (first dose) will be applied in the northern, northern highlands, southeast, Sierra de Amula and northern coast regions. The application of vaccines will be carried out in authorized modules, in all cases within a schedule of 8:00 to 16:00 hours or until the doses assigned for that day are exhausted.

The Vaccination post in the Sanitary Region V11I from June 8 to 11 will be in: 1. In Puerto Vallarta La lija: Pablo Franco N" 1000 colonia Lomas de Coapinole and whatever is nearby and in Hospital Naval Avenida Francisco Medina Ascencio N" 2801 Zona hotelera norte. 2.- Cabo Corrientes Unidad deportiva Vicente Guerrero s/n para Colonia Ermita. Mascota: Auditorio Municipal Nuñez ,S/N colonia Unidad deportiva centro. 4.- Tomatlan: multipurpose room Abel Salgado Chapultepec corner with revolution. 5.- San Sebastián del Oeste: Municipal Auditorium, Angeles Street S / N col. 6.- Talpa de Allende: Centro de Salud de Servicio Ampliados, Ahuehuete No 20 col. La Mesa.

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