Abhyasa: The New Old Way of Being Better

Mental Health
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The modern world is loaded with harmful types of stress and various diseases that are born as a result of the lack of internal balance in human beings.


The Western world has tried to take up the discipline of yoga in an attempt to bring balance to its way of life, however, it has not managed to obtain the expected performance, and this is because instead of adopting the practice as it was in the East, the Western world has "Westernized" Eastern philosophy.

The true results of yoga should bring individuals closer to their inner beings, however, due to the systematization and commercialization of the discipline, yoga cannot achieve the desired effects. For this reason, we have discovered that people who practice Westernized yoga have come to bring balance only to certain areas of their life, but not to everything.

The only way to be whole is to practice discipline based on the fundamentals with which yoga was created. The Ashtanga, an eightfold system where step by step the essence, control and adequate knowledge are acquired to achieve Kaivalya, The Great Emancipation of the Being. But in order to develop this eightfold path to the letter, it is necessary to practice continuously, it is therefore that Abhyasa is the solution, Abhyasa means: Continuous Practice.

Continuous practice is the key to true transformation, without Westernism and without fear of failing due to lack of knowledge.

Abhyasa is the practice that starts but no longer ends.

To start this eightfold path, I invite you to Start Abhyasa. A New World Is Possible.