The Best Way To Say Goodbye.

Human Interest
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Loss is One of the Most Difficult Topics to Address.

The Inspirational Show arrives in Puerto Vallarta to let go, heal, close cycles, overcome loss, and stop begging for love. Next May 9th, 2024, at 9 pm at the Teatro Vallarta is the appointment to be one more spectator of this great play written, produced, and acted by the Pancardo Brothers who are musicians and actors who, in addition, are the only duo of speakers in the world, with more than 15 years of experience, have positioned themselves as some of the most renowned speakers in the Spanish-speaking world.

The best way to say goodbye, if there is indeed a better way, since loss is one of the most difficult topics to address, a topic that undoubtedly will deeply affect anyone who has loved to talk about it. For several years, the Pancardo Brothers have spoken, made videos, and given hundreds and hundreds of conferences to thousands of people, wholeheartedly delivering the wisdom that helps them overcome their losses, their fears, and their darkest and most painful feelings.

In this play, we intend to touch the most delicate, but also the most important fibers of your heart. Without a doubt, we have been characterized as the speakers who, despite our humorous and humble style, always speak directly about the topics that many times no one dares to, in this case, to mention a few, we would say death, time, loss in general, failures, love, and heartbreak among many others. Loss often seems unfair, sometimes it seems like life is being cruel to you and everything goes wrong for you, many times a painful loss brings a new loss, meaning, for example, a grandmother dies and days later the grandfather also passes away and it is said that the grandmother came for him, many times it is much worse because not only do they die but those who remain start to have bad luck in everything; which means they lose their jobs, they get robbed, they have accidents, and a series of events and misfortunes that seem to have no explanation.

You can believe us when we tell you that there is an answer to all of that and in this play, you will be able to read and analyze it. You will understand it in such a way that next time you will be able to consciously stop that negative snowball. This book, of course, will not be the exception, since here you will find direct and forceful messages that will help you overcome any loss, whether it be a material loss, whether it be a loss of a person or a loved one that you have not been able to overcome, that maybe you have been trying for a long time, but it always comes back to your memory, but it does not come back to your memory in a positive way, but rather you cannot let go of it and move on with your life.

You will also find a message, if you have not been able to understand life, if you have not been able to understand that loss is part of life itself, obviously those who know our work know that in this book they will also find some necessary humor to cope with the loss. People with high wisdom on this planet know and understand that humor is a privilege given by God only to human beings; therefore, it is a tool that we can use to our advantage, in this case, humor is also used to cope with hard blows of life, hard losses.

In this play, we will also touch on the topic of romantic love, only we will do it subtly, that is, we will not delve much into the topic of infidelity or into the topic of how to save your marriage, or anything like that. Nor into the topic of how to win over a person or into the topic of courtship, etc. Rather, we delve more deeply into the topic of whether it is worth continuing with a person or not, and we will also delve into the topic of the loss of the partner in the sense of when love is lost. Many times we cling to a person, when deep down in our hearts we know that they do not love us, so that means we have not assimilated the loss of the love of that person so valuable to us and that is where this book will help you.

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