Ha-ash In Concert For Puerto Vallarta.

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Vidanta brings one of the most successful pop musical duos.

Vidanta Concert Series 2024 presents Ha-Ash, with a live concert from the exclusive Vidanta Vallarta Convention Center. Ha-Ash is a musical duo of American origin, composed of sisters Ashley Grace and Hanna Nicole who, with their talent, have established a successful career in Spanish pop. Since their self-titled debut album, Ha*Ash has captivated the Mexican audience with their distinctive mix of pop and country. With numerous hits and accolades, they have become a prominent reference in Spanish music.

Ha-Ash is a Mexican-American musical duo formed by sisters Hanna Nicole Pérez Mosa and Ashley Grace Pérez Mosa. Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Hanna and Ashley have fused their American roots with Mexican culture to create a unique style of pop music with country and rock influences. Since their debut in 2002, Ha-Ash has established itself as one of the most beloved and successful groups in the Latin American music scene. The name Ha-Ash comes from the combination of the first letters of their names, Hanna and Ashley. From an early age, both sisters showed a strong inclination for music, influenced by country and pop artists. Their first steps in music were singing in local contests and events, which led them to sign their first record contract with Sony Music in 2002.

Their self-titled debut album, "Ha-Ash" (2003), was a resounding success, driven by singles like "Odio Amarte" and "Estés en Donde Estés." This album catapulted them to fame and allowed them to establish themselves as one of the promises of Latin pop. The combination of their harmonious voices and emotional lyrics immediately connected with the audience, especially among young people. Throughout their career, Ha-Ash has released several studio albums that have been well received by both critics and fans. Some of their most notable albums include "Mundos Opuestos" (2005), "Habitación Doble" (2008), and "A Tiempo" (2011). Each of these albums has produced hits that have topped the popularity charts, consolidating their place in the music industry.

In addition to their success in album sales, Ha-Ash is known for their energetic live concerts. They have performed numerous tours in both Latin America and the United States, filling stadiums and theaters with their passionate performances. Their ability to connect with the audience through their honest lyrics and sincere performances has been one of the keys to their longevity in the music industry. Ha-Ash has also been recognized with several awards throughout their career. They have received nominations and awards at prestigious ceremonies such as the Billboard Latin Music Awards, Premios Lo Nuestro, and the Latin American Music Awards. These recognitions are a testament to their talent and the impact they have had on Latin music.

Over the years, Ha-Ash has shown an evolution in both their music and style. Their lyrics have addressed themes such as love, heartbreak, personal growth, and empowerment, resonating deeply with their audience. Additionally, they have collaborated with other renowned artists, expanding their reach and experimenting with new sounds. In summary, Ha-Ash is a duo that has left an indelible mark on the Latin American music scene. Their combination of talent, authenticity, and dedication has made them references in Latin pop, and their music continues to inspire and excite fans of all ages around the world.

The Vidanta Concert Series 2024 with this great duo Ha-Ash promises an electrifying show with one of the most representative duos of Mexico. The event is on July 25, 2024. Tickets are available for the general public through the Vidanta Concert website.