Confirmed; A Crocodile Lives In The Cuale River

Living in PV
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It could be up to 2.5 meters long

This afternoon tourists observed how half of its body was coming out of the water, so more tourists approached to verify if what was coming out of the water was really a crocodile, so when they got closer, they confirmed the presence of the reptile.

It immediately caught the attention of more tourists that were walking around the place, and it seems that it liked the idea that the tourists were watching it, so it submerged in the water and reappeared showing most of its body, like this for 20 minutes, giving them time to take a souvenir picture of their stay in Puerto Vallarta.

People took out their cell phones and began to take pictures of it, since it is well known that tourists are attracted by the crocodiles, which is why it seems to be the new attraction of the Cuale River.

The chances are that it is the same crocodile that the strong current of water caused by the effects of hurricane "Nora" during the night of the 28th and early morning of the 28th and early morning of the 28th. during the night of August 28th and early morning of August 29th, 2021, brought this crocodile to live in the river waters, are many, if we remember that it was seen the next day of the hurricane near the Los Muertos pier", which tells us: we could be talking about the same crocodile.

At that time it was very small, and it has been about 8 months, its size shows the great similarity it had before and now.

The crocodile "Nora", stays near Oscar's restaurant, located on the river.