3 Local Fashion Designers in Puerto Vallarta

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In Mexico in general, fashion is relaxed and has a very characteristic style, and even more so in this Mexican beach city, we are privileged by our climate and if I have to define the fashion style from Puerto Vallarta, it could be said that in general it is bohemian and Hippie Chic, on the streets it is common to see women wearing cool sandals, shorts, skirts, tops in vibrant colors and flowing dresses in light tones.

Of course the growth of our city has fostered the diversity of styles and has managed to boost entrepreneurs in the fashion industry in Puerto Vallarta. So today I will tell you about 3 local fashion designers who have very good proposals and have managed to establish themselves between Vallarta people and tourists in the recent years.


Eccentrica by Kimberly Rey.

 Kimberly was born in Chicago, but moved to Vallarta in 2001, she took a class in silversmithing years ago, as well as a class in how to finish a beaded necklace. However, as far as design she is largely self taught. In 2004 a bead shop called La Piedra opened in Puerto Vallarta, and that was her first time having access to a large variety of drilled stones so  Kimberly started making jewelry for fun, and her friends and family convinced her to start selling it.  A few months after her friend Rhonda invited her to show her designs at a trunk show she was having in her home. Cassandra Shaw (Another Jewlry designer already consolidated on PV)  was in attendance that night, and she liked her work and made her into a professional jewelry artist. In 2017 the opportunity to open her first retail location presented itself, "So I took a leap and  a year later I opened a storefront on Basilio Badillo".


 Eccentrica its a word who defines perfectly the brand according to Kimberly, and I think same, her designs are very special, made for people who don't wan to go unnoticed, she has a wall of stones hanging on a pegboard in her studio, as well as trays strewn throughout to get inspiration. She loves working with natural stones, shells, fossils, and metals. Some of her favorite stones are amethyst, clear quartz. Chrysocolla, pyrite, and agate. Eccentrica Store is located at Basilio Badillo 257 at Zona Romántica, follow the store in Facebook.

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Cecilia Ulloa by Cecilia Ulloa, she was born in Puerto Vallarta, she studied fashion design at the Bribiesca Institute. Her brand began in 2011 shortly after graduating from university, since she focused on footwear, she was in different bazaars for independent designers in Guadalajara making the brand known. In 2014, together with her husband Carlos Solorzano, a graduate of international trade from ITESO University, she decided to formalize the brand by establishing her own workshop to make and sell the shoes  in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta.
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In November 2019 she returned to Puerto Vallarta with her brand already consolidated, currently she already has online sales for the entire country. Her showroom opened its doors again in September 2020. Cecilia Ulloa inspires her designs from nature, the sea breeze and everything that makes our senses vibrate. The designs are essentially basic, according to the simplicity of life on the beach, are made by synthetic and textile materials, natural fibers, "our shoes are for Happy and relaxed people". Cecilia Ulloa's Showroom is located at Guadalupe Sanchez #960 in Puerto Vallarta downtown or follow the brand on Facebook.


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Hilo & El Mar by Linda Baltazar
Linda was born in Guadalajara and graduated in fashion design from the Edith Márquez Fashion Center. She started with various brands until her husband moved to Puerto Vallarta for work, and the brand was born in Puerto Vallarta, in 2017.

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Hilo & El mar was born with the idea of creating clothes that have a design and are made up of fabrics and cuts that fit perfectly with beach life, Linda always seeks to create fresh and versatile comfortable clothing. They take out small collections because in Puerto Vallarta there is not as such an autumn winter season. Her designs are basic and she tries to incorporate her favorite color, black and use materials like linen and cotton, in general natural fibers. The brand is committed to "Slow fashion", "we don't produce in mass", the stock is limited. And there is the option of developing custom designs. They also have the brand calmar, also made of "low cost" natural fibers for a younger market. Social awareness and caring for the environment is essential for them so they create unique pieces with pieces of fabric so as not to waste any material. The workshop and showroom is located at Calle Matamoros #264 at dowtown and Follow Hilo & El Mar on Instagram.

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