Art & Market Attracted Hundreds Of Tourists

Art and Music
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Marina Vallarta was very busy last night.

Although the biosecurity protocols failed, the Art & Market of Marina Vallarta was a complete success last night, registering a high affluence of visitors among local inhabitants and national tourists from the United States and Canada. All the attendants enjoyed the splendid variety of products and some services offered in this space known as handicraft market, which this Thursday experienced its second weekly day of the month. More than 200 businesses from the region participated in the event, exhibiting and selling their products to visitors. In the Art & Market you can taste and buy food, decorative items, art, jewelry, clothing, canned food, among other products, the only requirement is that they are local and have been made by the vendors themselves or their families. It is worth mentioning that last night the restaurants of Marina Vallarta also had many customers, prior to the "long weekend" of this weekend on the occasion of November 20th, day of the Mexican Revolution.

Back After A Year It is worth mentioning that after a year of absence due to the sanitary contingency caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers of the Art & Market Marina Vallarta managed to bring back this cultural and gastronomic festival every Thursday starting last week.

This way, every Thursday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm during the entire winter season and until next May 2022, the Marina Vallarta boardwalk will be the venue for this farmers market that is ideal to enjoy gastronomic delights and buy typical handmade articles by local and regional artisans. "The Art & Market Marina Vallarta preserves a very Mexican and very Vallarta style. This cultural event takes place in a sophisticated atmosphere mixed with everything traditional of a town that celebrates the beginning of a very promising high season", declared Antonio Garcia Lopez, administrator of the Marina Vallarta Residents Association, days before the beginning of the event. The Art & Market Marina Vallarta includes multiple cultural expressions of artisans, merchants, painters, artists and young people who seek to promote what they do best with their talent and skills.

Everything For Everyone According to the Public Trust for Tourism Promotion and Publicity in Puerto Vallarta, one of the most modern areas of the city welcomes thousands of local, national and foreign visitors every Thursday from November to May. "Browse the stalls of local producers to find delicious local antojitos, handicrafts, accessories and clothing among many others, while enjoying the live music that adds the festive touch to your visit," the tourism agency published on its web page.

Promotion For Vallarta "The main purpose of this Festival is to promote Puerto Vallarta as an important sun and beach destination in Mexico and the world. The Art & Market has become a novel but very typical tourist promotion initiative that has been giving results and has been gaining momentum year after year", Antonio Garcia Lopez, administrator of the Marina Vallarta Residents Association, said in advance. And he added: "In spite of the difficult last few years, when the Art & Market was suspended due to the pandemic, today our community has worked to comply with the necessary measures and protocols of hygiene and sanitation to prevent and diminish the SARS-CoV2 contagions". Thus, the Art & Market will continue to present diverse cultural manifestations of artists from the region, as well as a wide variety of handcrafted products. The Art & Market that takes place at the Marina Vallarta boardwalk has been characterized by the participation of up to 400 producers and traders of the region, although last night there were around 200 traders. This has turned them into the largest cultural and handicraft space in the tourist strip, which has given good results for the whole commercial area of that zone, whose marina as a backdrop is very attractive for the public.