Come Celebrate Dia de Independencia at Magic Market

Art and Music
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With so many plans being put on hold this year, there is still a fantastic option in Puerto Vallarta to get out and have fun celebrating Dia de Independencia. Starting at 5:00 Friday afternoon, Puerto Magico’s Magic Market and Festival will host a special celebration bringing food, fun, and fabulous artisan products for you to enjoy.




Over 100 vendors will be attending offering authentic Mexican goods and freshly cooked food, something for everyone’s food and artistic palettes. Delight yourself with traditional Mexican dishes, salsas, grilled items, paella, vegan food, sushi cakes, or even Indian food. Your sweet tooth may enjoy cookies, cakes, ice cream, crepes, baklava, dried fruits, marmalades, candies, and delicious hand-made chocolates. Juices, aguas, coffees, and beer are available, and there is also a full bar on premises.








Artistic attractions range from smaller tabletop items to fine jewelry to full size paintings. You can find Oaxaca pottery, Huichol stitched and beaded art, beautifully painted woodwork, hand-blown glass, pine needle art, hand-stitched textiles, products made from recycled goods, and much, much more. There are also several vendors presenting handcrafted soaps, beauty products, bath products, and natural oils, creams, and extracts.










And have they got a show lined up for you this week!! To celebrate Mexican Independence Day, Puerto Magico has arranged an awesome array of talent for your entertainment pleasure. First up is Raiz Jalisciense, a 9 member youth mariachi band returning to sing and play cheerful mariachi music. Next will be an hour performance of Ballet Folklorico Vallarta Azteca, demonstrating traditional formal Mexican dances. Finally, the audience will be treated with a dancing charro show, Rancho de Tato, featuring fabulous dancing horses.






So have yourself a great time on Independence Day, pick your plot on a sandy beach, have a beach party or barbecue, watch the sunset, and then plan to come to Puerto Magico on Friday and have fun celebrating all over again. The fun starts at 5:00, and you are invited to dress festively, we’ll be taking lots of pictures. Parking and admission are free, just gather your friends and family and come down to Puerto Magico, Puerto Vallarta’s new cruise ship terminal.



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