Dinner… And a Show

Art and Music
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Have you made plans for Friday night yet? This week’s Magic Market and Festival has 4 performers scheduled for your entertainment pleasure, and dozens of vendors offering a variety of fresh foods, beverages, and desserts.


Circo Sem Rumo returns this week with an amazing acrobatic show that seems to defy gravity with what I would describe as an oversized hula-hoop. Next, Mimo Ray brings smiles and laughter to the audience with his mime act. Vallarta Azteca dance group will be demonstrating traditional Mexican dances dressed in colorful costumes. And come see our new guest this week, Payaso Cabulin.

The Young Entrepreneurs Corner will be hosting three young vendors this week. Dayra at Lollypop will be selling her handmade bracelets. Rainbow Art features handmade bracelets and painting. And Rochely Scrunchies will be selling handmade scrunchies and jewelry. If you or someone you know is a young entrepreneur and would like to participate in Magic Market, contact them on their Facebook page and they will be happy to make a space for you.

Got any birthdays or other gift-giving occasions coming up? Magic Market is a great place to find the perfect unique gift for someone special. There are all kinds of beautifully handcrafted arts and crafts, clothing, handbags, jewelry, bath and beauty products, and artisan food products. Many of the vendors are themselves the artists and producers, and they can even make something custom just for you!! If you see something you like, but have your own ideas about how it could be different, just talk to them and they will be happy to work with you.

And don’t forget the baby sea turtles, they need your help to survive. Campamento Tortuguera Boca de Tomates is dedicated to saving endangered sea turtles by keeping eggs and hatchlings safe from harm until they are returned onto the sandy beaches to begin their journey to the sea. But they need your donations, especially now during the egg-laying and hatching season. You can donate directly on their Facebook page, in person at their booth in Magic Market, or you can purchase any of their products or pitch a few bean bags at the Magic Market cornhole game. You can also donate your time, and experience for yourself the joy of helping save an endangered species.

It all starts Friday night at 5:00, as it does every Friday. Parking and admission are free. Located at Puerto Magico, Puerto Vallarta’s new cruise ship terminal. Come hungry, and come have a good time. See you there!!