Food, Fun, and Folklore at Magic Market

Art and Music
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This week’s Magic Market Grand Opening Event celebrated Mexican Independence Day with great food, fun, and culture.

People came from all over the bay to enjoy this week’s entertainment, check out the art, and feast on fabulous food. New vendors came this week bringing al pastor, tacos de cabeza, and delicious desserts. I sampled spinach enchiladas and a tasty banana-wrapped tamale, and my daughter got a pierna sandwich the size of two sandwiches. And she ate the whole thing, said it was delicious.








Over 120 vendors came this week from around the region, bringing all sorts of hand crafted goods and artwork. They have been carefully chosen to represent only authentic Mexican products and art, and many are made right here in PV. Some of the artists show off their skills demonstrating painting, jewelry making, Huichol art, and glass blowing right before your eyes. Most of the vendors at Magic Market are the artists, designers, and producers themselves, and can even offer to create a custom piece or product just for you. Times are tough right now, and these people and their families could really use your support. Look around your home and find an empty corner or shelf, or a blank spot on your wall, and then come down next week and find something really cool to put there. There are also soaps and bath products, beauty products, and health products to pamper yourself with, or give as a gift to someone you love.








A big round of applause for this week’s entertainment. The youth mariachi band Raiz Jaliscence returned once again to sing and play guitars, violins, and trumpets. They did a great job, and with nine members in their group I love how full-sounding their music is. Vallarta Azteca gave a great performance of traditional courting dances. Their first was a solemn one, and all following were quite lively and their smiles were amazing.








Rancho de Tato treated us to a show of lasso tricks, some performed by very young boys and even a young girl. They jumped in and out of spinning lassos like jumprope, looped themselves and then jumped out of it, and did all sorts of dancing rope tricks. Then a horseman carrying a Mexican flag came out on a magnificent Appaloosa horse, and later showed us some lasso tricks that he did while mounted.






Another horse pranced across the plaza in a dance routine where he tucked his head in, held his tail up, and alternated which feet he put weight on and which feet he lifted seeming to dance across the plaza.




Everyone seemed to have a great time, and we invite you all back next week. Bring your friends and family, and tell all you can about Magic Market. There are a lot of great products here, and these artists and craftsmen need your support. Surely you can find space in your home for an object of art, a health, beauty, or bath product, or even a jar of homemade gourmet salsa, marmalade, or peanut butter. All of which make great gifts. Hope to see you at next Friday’s Magic Market starting at 5:00 at Puerto Magico, Puerto Vallarta’s new cruise ship terminal.


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