"From Boca To Boca - Visions Of Vallarta"

Art and Music
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The Magical Visions of Puerto Vallarta Exhibition integrates two large photographic exhibits.

This magnificent exhibition of 19 images of the most representative icons of the city and images of the beaches from Boca de Tomates and ending in Boca de Tomatlán, showing the spectacular beauty of the natural spaces of Puerto Vallarta.

It is built with the participation of resident photographers of Puerto Vallarta, this is an initiative of CR arte y cultura in collaboration with the Secretary of Culture of the State of Jalisco and the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Jalisco in coordination with the General Direction of Tourism of Beaches and with the support of businessmen, all united with the objective of promoting the cultural, ecological, touristic and social richness of Puerto Vallarta. The exhibit is currently on display in Galerías Vallarta.

The artists Photographers:

Danilo Rottigni
Francisco Salcedo
Giovanni Oviedo
Hector Colin
Josef Kandoll
Marisol Garcia
Roberto Estrada
Samuel Reséndiz
Tania Vizcaino is the youngest in the exhibition, she is 20 years old and has been in the world of photography for 5 years. In an interview for Vallarta Today she expressed: "It is an honor to participate in this great exhibition, the fact of seeing my large size photo, to see how people appreciate photography and the impact it is having". The photograph with which he is participating was taken at the Mismaloya Arches National Park. He discovered the scene on his way to the exit, it was a perfect moment with the sun between the rocks and the pelican.

With the special collaboration of the writer and chronicler of Puerto Vallarta, master Juan Manuel Gómez Encarnación, who prepared the poems for each image, phrases that make the tour of the exhibition a delight that invites you to move to each scenario to discover the treasures that Puerto Vallarta has for its visitors.