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Magic Market Continues to Grow

Art and Music
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This week’s Magic Market was a smashing success. There were more vendors, more food, more fun, and more patrons. And we would like to thank YOU, fellow Vallartans, for coming out and showing your support for our local artisans. It is you that makes this a success. Everyone I saw was having a great time perusing while enjoying a variety of freshly cooked food.









There were more vendors this week, and new areas within Puerto Magico were opened up to accommodate offering all sorts of new flavors and products. I particularly enjoyed the full size paintings that I had not seen there before. The night’s festivities extended beyond the original closing time of 9:00, most vendors stayed an extra hour. Also, some of the Puerto Magico permanent shops and the bar stayed open, allowing shoppers to explore their stores as well.









This week’s entertainment included Jukebox Alan, who played guitar and sang popular contemporary songs, the mariachi youth band Raiz Jalisciense, and Mimo Ray returned bringing smiles and laughter to everyone. Please show your generous appreciation to the performers, as they are working on tips only, and we want them to keep coming back. For the kids, motorized cartoon characters and 3-wheeled toy motorcycles were available to ride, and I even saw a mom riding along also.








Next week’s Magic Market is planned to be a fantastic Mexican Independence Day celebration. The grounds and each booth will be decorated in the red, white, and green theme. Expected but not yet confirmed, entertainment may include a dancing charro show, mariachi concerts, and a performance by Vallarta Azteca. We would love to see you there, and we invite you to come in costume. We will be taking lots of pictures, so you may be looking at yourself this time next week!!