Magic Market Entertainment

Art and Music
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The Magic Market is a varied farmer’s market inside of Puerto Magico. The market includes many artisanal crafts, mouth-watering food, and entertainment.


The entertainment started with a group of 8 dancers, 4 men and 4 women, dancing many of the state dances from here in Mexico. For each dance they would dress up and put their hair up suitably. They ended with a Jalisco state dance. The women had beautiful dresses colorfully decorated with flowers and patterns. The men were wearing black suits with gold patterns and a matching sombrero.


After the dancing, a mime came for the kids. But, it turned out everyone enjoyed him, even my 59-year-old father. First, the mime brought his dog, who was really just a puppet, and tried to make him do tricks. The dog was quite stubborn and wouldn't listen. The mime got the whole crowd to count to 3, but still, the dog wouldn't do his trick. So, he got thrown across the floor!

After the performance with the dog, the mime pretended to be in a room, and he couldn't get out! He found a door, but he didn't have a key! Except he did, and it was in his pocket! After he got out of the room he found lice in his hat! One louse in specific didn't want to come out of the hat, so instead, he helped the mime perform. The louse supposedly jumped from one hand to the other while doing circles in the air. Of course, the louse wasn't real, but the kids looked impressed. The louse did some great tricks, and the clown and the crowd gave a round of applause to the louse. But, the louse was in the clown's hands! And the louse got squished!

After the louse performance, the mime revealed his secret, that he was a vampire! Every so often he would face the crowd and scare us! Make the little kids scream! He would also choose someone and come and “bite” them! And they would become vampires!


Finally, the mime looked for a perfect woman, who had a nice figure and was shorter than him, to do a performance with. Throughout this last part, there were some adult jokes that made it funnier for the adults. 


Overall, the dancers, the mime, and everyone else made it a fun experience for people here at Magic Market. 



Magic Market Address: Blvrd Francisco Medina Ascencio, Zona Hotelera Nte., 48333 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

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