Magnificent 3-Dimensional Art at the Magic Market

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“Si lo puedes soñar lo puedes hacer realidad.” Or, “If you can dream it you can make it into a reality.” Says Wendy Mentira, co-creator of MOLLUSK.


MOLLUSK is a company that creates outstanding museum-quality functional art. MOLLUSK was started by Wendy and her partner, Axel Cavazos, who both come from Mexico City, later moving to sunny, beach-filled Puerto Vallarta. These vividly colored chests and receptacles would look gorgeous decorating any shelf or coffee table, adding a pop of color and personality to the room. Wendy has said, “each piece of art is a character, with their own story and personality, each little character is unique.”




Wendy graduated from the Universidad de Veracruz with a degree in plastic arts, and it shows as she puts those talents to work in her craft. The MOLLUSK team craft the nifty wooden boxes and chests themselves, showing great woodworking skills. They would then sand them out to create a smooth surface and would paint their beautiful, colorful, and highly creative designs onto them. The 3-dimensional art pieces are crafted entirely by the team to fit the story they are trying to tell, or the character they are trying to make.


“For this one, I had thought about Little Red Riding Hood, with the cabin in the woods and the wolf, and I took that story and created my own new art piece with that, see? Now the cabin is the wolf!” Is what Wendy had said abut the above piece.

Their art is based on looking at the world in a dual sense, that is seeing and mixing reality and fantasy, life and death, the ugly and pretty. They set out to create something that mixes art and functionality, and they did an amazing job at doing such!



Magic Market Address: Blvrd Francisco Medina Ascencio, Zona Hotelera Nte., 48333 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

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