Piedras Kentany Unveil Earth's Treasures

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I have always loved and collected pretty rocks, crystals, and fossils. So much so that the day came when there was no vacant surface area on any shelf, windowsill, or display table or cabinet in my home.

I decided to keep the best and sell the rest, and I opened a little rock shop that evolved to include jewelry. So I was very pleased to meet Tanya and Diego Lizarraga of Piedras Kentany, a couple who have also been following the gem trail.

Tanya and Diego have been working with stones for 15 years. Diego’s mother was a great inspiration, and has sold her crafts in the Rio Cuale shops starting back in the 80’s. Says Tanya, “when we started a dating relationship, I became interested in minerals. It was a magical attraction, because they are beautiful and natural and where they come from is amazing. From that moment I adopted my job for life, because minerals are something that motivate me and I love them, and above all it is something that I enjoy doing.” I couldn’t have said that better myself, for I have gone through the same journey. It starts with the beauty of the rocks themselves, and leads to a desire to enhance their presentation, which leads to jewelry.

Every few months the couple travels to places throughout Mexico to handpick beautiful stones that inspire them to create one-of-a-kind pieces. They work with natural stones, polished stones, crystals, and faceted gems in silver or gold. Each piece is formed and designed individually around the selected stone. They can also create something to your design, and would be very happy to do so, because that means you were inspired.

Piedras Kentany can be found every Friday night starting at 5:00 at Magic Market, located in Puerto Magico, Puerto Vallarta’s new cruise ship terminal. You can also see them Sunday mornings and Thursday afternoons inside the Sheraton located right off Francisco Medina Ascencio on the beach. Or look them up on Facebook and message them about what you would be interested in, and they will get back to you regarding their current inventory.