Puerto Vallarta Has A New Art Walk With Centro Cultural Vallartense

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The oldest cultural center in Puerto Vallarta recently launched a new Tour Experience: “Vallarta Murals and Art Walk”

Centro Cultural Vallartense, the oldest cultural center in Puerto Vallarta, is located on Isla Cuale. This independent center has some exciting offerings for the fall/winter season and more to come in the future. One of those new experiences is the "Vallarta Murals and Art Walk" tour, which is created and generally led by local artist Ernesto Garrigos, who is also the volunteer director of the center. If you've ever wandered around Puerto Vallarta, you may have stopped to admire some of the town's beautiful murals.

The "Vallarta Murals and Art Walk" tour provides people with the opportunity to learn about the murals and the artists behind them, as well as visit some incredible galleries. The experience lasts 3 hours and takes participants through Isla Cuale, El Centro, and parts of 5 de Diciembre. Throughout the adventure, guests learn about Vallarta's history and the stories behind various remarkable murals. They can take photos with the murals and explore areas that many tourists don't usually see. The experience is featured on visitpuertovallarta.com, where a number of guests have discovered it.

Kendra Mazur and Trent from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada were two such guests. Both of them work at the Audain Art Museum in Whistler, BC. It was their first time in Mexico, and Kendra had previously been on free walking tours in Peru and the UK that typically only lasted 30-60 minutes and focused more on history than culture. Kendra, who is the marketing manager for the prestigious Audain Art Museum, expressed how amazing it was to see the artwork from a local's perspective. She had heard that Mexico was perfect for art, and this experience allowed her to truly experience it.

Trent, who also works at the Audain Art Museum, noted, "It's one thing visiting as a tourist and seeing all the popular things that everybody else sees, but it's another thing entirely to go through the streets like this and to see everything firsthand. It's really, really fascinating."

Anthony Vitalone, a "hobby artist" from New York, also joined the tour. He had been to Puerto Vallarta on cruises a few times before and decided to return for 8 days after a great experience in March. Anthony, who studied art and regularly paints and participates in art shows in New York, found a lot of inspiration in the artwork of the artists in Puerto Vallarta. He is planning to use this inspiration when he returns to New York. Anthony emphasized the importance of the community supporting local artists and vice versa.

Guests were amazed by Ernesto's humbleness as he led the tour. He proudly talked about the incredible artists who had left their mark on Vallarta and shared his own remarkable work with a sheepish grin. His face turned a little red when the guests insisted on taking a photo with him in front of one of his murals.

The tour highlights various artists, including Kika Gomez, Mae Delgado, N'ríquez, Adrian Takano, Quetzal Cocoatl, Huaruco, Rivers (RVRS), Misael, Tony Collantez, Denice Band, Asesor, Toñil Nascimento, Ana Belén Micault, Morek, Maria Cristina Mercado, Señor PV, and Ernesto Garrigos.

One of the goals of Ernesto and the Centro Cultural Vallartense in organizing this tour is to raise money for restoring existing murals and generating funds for painting more murals.

In conclusion, the "Vallarta Murals and Art Walk" tour is a unique experience that allows participants to learn about the history and stories behind the beautiful murals in Puerto Vallarta. It also provides the opportunity to explore galleries and areas off the beaten path. The tour has received positive feedback from guests who appreciate seeing the artwork from a local's perspective and find inspiration in the vibrant artistic community of Puerto Vallarta. By supporting this tour, visitors contribute to the preservation and creation of more murals in the area.

You can RSVP for the experience “Vallarta Murals and Art Walk” here: https://www.flowvallarta.com/ccv/actividades/vallarta-murals-art-walk
The experience is only $300 pesos for the 3 hour experience, tips are appreciated.

You can donate directly to the fund to restore and paint new murals here: www.paypal.com/paypalme/CCVcentrocultural


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