The Fashion Show At Magic Market And Festival

Art and Music
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The Magic Market and Festival, located in Puerto Magico, was slightly different this week. We had the same stands and yummy food, and just as many people. It all seemed quite the same except for the entertainment.

If you read Wednesday’s article, you would know that there was a fashion show taking place. Buy if you didn’t read it, well now you know. Though, before the fashion show, which I think most the people were waiting for, the Ballet Vallarta Azteca dancers gave a captivating, beautiful, and overall fun performance. The dances around to traditional Mexican music in traditional Mexican dresses and suits. When they were done the Puerto Magico workers started setting up a stage and everything necessary for the fashion show. This gave people time to walk around, buy nick nacks, and get some food or a drink. Both me and my sibling had two delicious birria quesadillas and a fresh lime-chia flavored water. My mother, though, wasn't hungry, so just had a whiskey with coke. Then we sat around, waiting for the show to start.

The fashion show started at 7:30 pm. But it didn't start with the models as expected, first Perla Alarcon set up her guitar and microphone and sang three songs. She had a wonderful voice, and even though she didn't speak english very well she sung english songs and they sounded very good.


Then after those songs she continued to play as about half a dozen models took turns going up on stage and strutting in different outfits, including bags and hats. One of the models was a young entrepreneur. She was technically an adult, she was 19, but she has a small business. She sold cute little figures as earrings and necklaces. I, personally, got rubber ducky earrings, and they squeak too! My sibling got earrings in the shapes of cartoon anthro sheep. At the end of the modeling all the models came on stage together, as well as the creators of the hats, bags, and clothes. One of them was Shane Walker, also commonly known as The Mad Hatter.




Next week we won't be having a fashion show, but we will be having plenty of other fun entertainment and delicious foods, drinks, and cute nick nacks and jewelry. So, I invite you to come by! The Magic Market and Festival opens form 5 pm - 10 pm on Thursday evening.