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This impressive show is presented by Vallarta Adventures in a magical place " with scenography written and directed by Gilles Co-Founder of "Cirque Du Solei".

Vallarta Today was invited to live the experience of "Ritmos de la Noche" the star show of Vallarta Adventures " an impressive first class show, which is presented in a famous beach called "Caletas". This impressive show is unique in the Bay of Banderas, and the most representative of this renowned company, which for years has maintained a first class show quality. Frank Barra, executive of the commercial area of Vallarta Adventures, commented to this media that "Ritmos de la Noche" is an incredible show full of magic, full of energy, full of color that transports you to another dimension". Rhythms of the night is a show that is constantly changing every day, we are working on generating new things, generating new material so that all our visitors and those repeat customers something new to watch or to appreciate every time they visit us. Regarding the duration of the show he commented "Rhythms of the Night" is a five hour tour in which you will be able to experience the magic of crossing Banderas Bay on a catamaran until you reach Las Caletas Beach.

"Playa de las caletas" is currently considered one of the four most beautiful beaches in the world, and according to TripAdvisor, it is a place full of magic and full of life, when you arrive to caletas you will be able to realize that all the lighting is with candlelight and torches, there are more than four hundred torches, and more than 2000 candles, which are lit every day to illuminate this magical place. The duration of the show is 45 minutes, with a pre-show of approximately 15 minutes, where they tell us the story of the fifth sun, where we will be able to appreciate the four elements, within this show we will appreciate the air, water, earth and fire, it is something of our history, of our Mexican culture, and all this show and all this scenery is written and directed by Gilles who is the co-founder of Circo du Solei. It is worth mentioning that all the scenography was in charge of Eugenio Caballero who is the Oscar winner for the movie Pan's Labyrinth. You will be able to realize that it is a place full of magic, which will transport you to another dimension, enjoy it is a show for the whole family, also before the show you can enjoy a rich buffet dinner at the foot of the beach, with a wide variety of dishes such as meats, arrachera, seafood, pasta, salad bar, plus desserts to enjoy the place. As well as an open bar of drinks to accompany your dinner with a delicious glass of red or white wine. The show since its first presentation has had different changes and adaptations that have made it so unique and exclusive that it is worth coming back to live the experience

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