Christine Deaver Show One More Successful Production of Act II

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Christine Deaver show landscape large home 410x200The Christine Deaver Show is one of the greatest productions of Act II in Puerto Vallarta.


Christine Deaver's most recent presentation was very successful, as soon as she entered the stage, the audience was very excited, and gave her a standing ovation! Her voice and her music had the sound of a Broadway production, people just loved it! She joked a little with the possible assistants in the crowd and invited them to come on stage to dance with her. Her talent and charisma was enjoyed immensely. It was a night full of laughter, and entertainment.

Christine Deaver is originally from Seattle Washington, and she is very grateful to Mexico. She is in love with Puerto Vallarta, Christine mentioned that she likes Mexican food as well as tacos and burritos, she also commented living in Vallarta is like living in a paradise!

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Christine Deaver show landscape large home
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