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A Tribute to Mozart

This afternoon a chamber music concert will take place for all Vallartenses. In spite of being an ensemble put together for the occasion, a concert of a high level is expected. On many occasions the group is usually called "Vallarta Strings". With a Cello, Violin, Viola and Piano.

This is the second concert held in Puerto Vallarta with professional musicians of multiregional and even international level. On this occasion talents from Italy, Sinaloa, Nayarit and Puebla will be heard.

  • Alberto Asero on Violin.
  • Adriana María Martínez on Piano.
  • Juan Carlos Portillo on Viola.
  • Adrián Fuentes on Violoncello.

The concert will be today, May 20 at 7:00 pm at the "Biblioteca Los Mangos".

The concert will feature music entirely composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the most important composer for chamber music. It will be performed:

  • Quartet with Piano in G minor k 478.
  • Violin Sonata in E minor k 304

This music was written in the 18th century, and of course, a brief explanation will be given for all those who want to learn a little of Mozart's chamber works, the European tradition among nobles. For example, the quartet in G minor is a commission for Mozart.

The great musicians of that time made money from composing music and selling it, but over time the tradition was lost and music became industrialized. Mozart was a genius who lived only 35 years and at his young age he became the greatest exponent of the music of the time and in his short life he composed almost 500 works of art for the world.