Jalisco Filmmaker To Produce A Stop Motion Film

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The great success he achieved with Pinocchio has motivated him to make a new film

The success obtained by the filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, for the film "Pinocchio", his most recent production, winning several awards as best animated film at the Golden Globe awards, has been like his engine to continue producing new films, so he has announced that he is working on a new animated film, in which he will use the stop motion format to adapt the story of a winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and portray a vision of the relationship between parents and children.

It is an adaptation of "The buried giant", an original by Englishman Kazuo Ishiguro, who in 2017 was awarded the prize for his emotionally powerful novels, and who, according to the organizers, has discovered the abyss of the illusory sense of connection with the world.

The Guadalajara, Jalisco-born filmmaker will once again work hand in hand with streaming platform Netflix to tell the story of a couple's journey to find their son, whom they have not seen for a long time.

"As the story progresses on their journey, we discover that in reality there are many things that the protagonists, and other characters they know, do not remember," said the Mexican to the English newspaper "The Telegraph".

It was this Wednesday through a statement quoted by "The Hollywood Reporter", that the winner of the Oscar for best film with "The Shape of Water" mentioned that he continues with the search for stop motion as a means to tell complex stories and build unlimited worlds.


Stop Motion is the animation technique that consists of photographing puppets 24 times in different positions millimetrically different, for similar movement.

"Pinocchio", which will now seek the Oscar next March 12, was Del Toro's first foray into animation and that technique.

"It is a great honor and a great responsibility for me to direct this script that Dennis Kelly and I are adapting from Kazuo Ishiguro's profound and imaginative novel," says Del Toro, according to the U.S. publication.

Scott Stuber, Netflix's head of film, describes Del Toro as a visionary filmmaker and master of his craft, and is proud to continue their creative partnership.

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