Joana Benedek's Dream Wedding

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This beautiful telenovela actress captures the attention of thousands of fans

Joanna Benedek is an actress of Romanian origin who, at the beginning of the century, appeared in some of Televisa's most successful productions, such as "Amigas y rivales", "Hasta que el dinero nos separe" and "Dos hogares", however, after making a place for herself on the small screen, she stopped participating in telenovelas and, in a short time, her time on television went unnoticed.

However, when social networks reached their peak, fans of the Romanian actress found her official accounts and, over the years, were aware of her publications, because although she never made an appearance on television again, Benedek is very active sharing moments of her daily life, in addition, she also remembers her facet as an actress with much affection, thanking the producers who believed in her, but, above all, her followers who still remember her today.

It was precisely thanks to her social networks that we learned that Joana got married at 50 years old, after consummating her engagement with Javier Vargas, a man who is not part of the artistic environment, so very little is known about him, however, since January of this year, that the actress published a photograph with her partner on Instagram, making their relationship official.

In turn, Benedek's partner also often shares photos together with the actress, despite the fact that he is not so active in his networks, whom he calls as his "Romanianita". Together, they carry out extreme sports activities, such as riding motorcycles or skydiving. They also travel through the four regions where Joanna has always resided; United States, Romania, Venezuela and Mexico.

Joana Benedek's wedding

The actress chose our country to seal her love with Javier Vargas, by getting married this Friday, November 4, through an orthodox ceremony, religion of which Benedek is a believer, in which not only her mother was present, who traveled from her native country to accompany her daughter, The ceremony was attended not only by her mother, who traveled from her native country to accompany her daughter, but also by guests such as Maribel Guardia (accompanied by her husband Marco Chacón), Claudia Troyo, Shanik Berman and, of course, Emilio Larrosa, the producer with whom Joana has worked on different occasions.

According to a publication of "El Universal".