Luis Miguel Returns To The Stage

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The tour is planned for 2023

Luis Miguel returns to music with a series of concerts in 2023, as revealed by Carlos Bremer, the businessman who helped the "Sol de México" to revive his career in one of its most complicated moments.

According to the magnate, the singer is preparing to return to the stage with a tour in which he will perform all of his hits.

It is already a fact that Luis Miguel will resume his career as a singer next year, after we learned about the most intimate side of his past through "Luis Miguel, la serie".

"Ventaneando" was present at an event in which businessman Carlos Bremer joined a group of entrepreneurial women to talk about business.

Although the event had nothing to do with the artistic world, Bremer could not resist talking about Luis Miguel's future plans, who is currently devoting most of his time to preparations to welcome 2023 with a tour, after four years since the last time he stepped on stage, when he performed at the Auditorio Nacional.

At that time, the "Sun of Mexico" was highly criticized for the delay with which he started the recital and his performance, since some of his songs were performed half-heartedly, so his audience was dissatisfied and many of those present booed him.

But it seems that, on this occasion, the singer of "Cuando calienta el Sol" is more than ready to return and sing songs, what he does best, since another of the details shared by Carlos Bremer is that it was Luis Miguel himself who contacted him to confirm the news that had been sounding very strong for a month, when the businessman assured that the tour would consist of approximately 200 concerts.

"I had not spoken to him for three years, I spoke to him just a month ago. I spent four hours talking to him, when he was in Spain, and he only wanted to tell me that he is preparing everything and that he is coming in 2023 with everything," he said.

It is worth remembering that it was Bremer who assisted Luis Miguel when he began to lose public acceptance due to his constant failures in his presentations, reason why the singer approached the businessman to help him create a plan to boost his career again.

"He was supported when he was in a very delicate point, because he is another hero of Mexico, and somehow we had to try to save that," Bremer said during the event.

In this way, the businessman was the one who convinced Luis Miguel to carry out a series about his life, because that would be the only way to bring him back to the public and, not only that, but to make him known to the new generations.

"His whole life was exploited; what they saw in the series is not even 40% of what he lived," he said.

Another of the details that the magnate talked about was that he was present at the XV birthday party of Emily Cinnamon, the daughter of Saúl "el Canelo" Álvarez, and that he is also supporting another famous singer, as Alejandro Fernández asked him for his advice now that he is also dedicated to real estate in his native Guadalajara