Mariachi For Everyone

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The Malecon is filled with joy!

Mariachi is a characteristic music of the Mexican Culture, it is the traditional music and a fundamental element for Mexico.

As an intangible heritage of humanity it is of immeasurable value and a reference of Mexico to the world.

In spite of that, in countless countries there is a mariachi to delight the ears of the people of the world.

The joy and happiness expressed in their songs, as well as the passion and musical skill, make Mariachi one of the most sought after rhythms and styles by human beings.

The songs interpreted by Mariachis range from cumbia, polkas and jarabes, to waltzes, minués and classic serenades.

Rhythms that captivate the hearts of any person and that transport to an atmosphere of Mexican passions.

The costumes of the artists are accompanied by large charro hats, formal suits with buttons and metal chains, as well as large bow ties and boots with iron spurs.

Puerto Vallarta, as host of so many foreign people, cannot leave out this traditional music and this symbol of the honorable land that is Mexico; that is why every weekend you can enjoy traditional music with the Mariachi Juvenil de Puerto Vallarta that plays openly on the Malecon from 8:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

A great opportunity for all tourists and also for all Vallartenses to enjoy the most beautiful songs played by young Mariachi artists on the magical nights of Puerto Vallarta's Malecon.

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