Production Company To Film Scenes For Movie

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The scenery will be Puerto Vallarta, El Tuito and Tomatlan.

Puerto Vallarta, Tomatlan and El Tuito will be the scenery of this new movie, which will give a lot to talk about, besides there will be small participations of the inhabitants to give a regional touch to the film, as well as to the story itself.

The municipal president of Cabo Corrientes, Miguel Angel Silva Ramirez, will support the filming of these scenes in this beautiful place, as well as the production will be able to travel to locations in Puerto Vallarta, in order to provide coverage during the filming.

The film productions in Puerto Vallarta continue, this time a series of recordings will be made in El Tuito, with reference to the movie “La Casa Azul”, with an interesting story and a great cast, with recognized personalities of the artistic milieu.

The actor Carlos Mata, who is famous for his telenovelas and his great acting, has managed to transmit them in 60 countries, in several languages, so now we will see him in this state, in the new filming, “La Casa Azul”, an independent production of Imaginary Spirit Films.

The story takes place in El Tuito, a quiet village by the sea, where Martin, a talented retired Venezuelan pianist, lives.

The star cast includes actors Mauricio Islas, Martha Cristina, Ana Laura Espinoza, Wendy de Los Cabis, Mayra Rojas, Arnulfo Reyes, and Viridiana Robles, who is part of the main characters.