Several Concerts Are Coming For Vallarta's Anniversary

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They will be activities corresponding to the May celebrations.

The May celebrations begin their reactivation, which had been suspended due to the pandemic, after they were subject to restrictions due to the pandemic.

As it has always been a tradition, the May festivities will be held from Friday May 20th to Sunday June 5th at the Vallarta esplanade of the Lienzo Charro Miguel "Prieto" Ibarria, which will include dances, musical concerts, pyrotechnics, jaripeo and a kermes with Mexican delicacies within the framework of Puerto Vallarta's double anniversary on May 31st.


The calendar indicates that on May 20, the Tucanes de Tijuana will perform, on May 21, the Banda Maguey, on May 22 the band "La Indicada", on May 23 La Película and on May 24, the band Sancudillos.

On May 25, Carin León; on May 26, Guerra de Chistes; on May 27, Banda Cahuich; on May 28, El Komander and Aldo Trujillo; on May 29, Banda Brava; and on May 30, Omar Alonso y la Sonora Santanera.

The organization will be done by a private company that will process the permits before the municipal government, with documented information in order to be reviewed and approved by Padrón y Licencias.

The concert of the singer Gloria Trevi; which is scheduled for May 27th starting at 8:00 pm.

These events commemorate the double anniversary, on May 31, 1918, the Congress of the State of Jalisco issued the decree that elevated the Commissariat of Las Pelas to the category of municipality.

It is worth mentioning that this name is in honor of Mr. Ignacio L. Vallarta, former governor of the state, and it was not until 1968 that it was named the city of Puerto Vallarta, beginning with the construction of great works that revolutionized what is now Puerto Vallarta, a city recognized worldwide, with its architecture and emblematic places.