Singing School Students Participate In Act II

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There were about 17 participants

Recently a performance with students from a singing school took place at Act 11, a theater located in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta.

The participants were very talented on stage.

The show opened with the participation of approximately 17 singers on stage who sang and danced a song to open the concert.

They represented different national and international artists such as Madonna, José José, Miguel Bosé, Rafael and Mónica Naranjo, among others.

Each participant was able to transmit feelings through their songs, as well as dance moves and talent on stage, in front of a large audience that came to support their favorite participant.

The audience enjoyed the voices of these singers who were prepared with very original costumes and following the movements, dances and comments made by the singers in this type of presentations during the concerts, something that the audience enjoyed very much.

The costumes were prepared by the singers themselves and they all gave the most of their talent and voice, which managed to infect the audience.

It is important to mention that there were about 17 songs, very well prepared, during the artistic event, that people were excited and managed to capture admiration and respect that made an excellent show.

The event was made possible thanks to the support of the theater that is constantly launching new talents and gives them support to continue their artistic career.

At the end the contestants received recognition for their performance and participation in the event.

The production team was in charge of the staff of the venue, as well as the music and light show during the presentation.