12,000 crispy tacos give MX a new record

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flautasfrontBancomer, the Mexican division of the multinational Spanish banking group BBVA, set a Guinness World Record yesterday after preparing the largest number of flautas, or crispy, fried tacos, in under eight hours.

The bank’s goal was to prepare at least 5,000 flautas and serve them to 3,761 employees, managerial staff and guests. But they actually made 12,000.

A team of 89 cooks led by one chef began work at 6:00am sharp to prepare 495 kilograms of beef skirt steak, 3,956 kilos of tortillas, 300 kilos of avocados, 165 kilos of panela cheese (a white, fresh and smooth Mexican cheese) and 200 litres of sour cream.

The supplies were more than enough to meet the original goal and by 2:00pm, 12,000 flautas had been served and enjoyed by those in attendance.

After the record was achieved, the general director of human resources thanked the institution’s employees for being part of the feat.

“None of this would have been possible without all of you, who have been savoring these flautas,” remarked Fernando Eguiluz Lozano.

The kitchen at Mexico City’s Bancomer Tower was recently granted Distinctive H certification by health authorities for its hygienic standards in food handling and preparation.

Mexico has won a fair number of Guinness records, and 16 of them are food-related, reported the newspaper La Razón.

Source: Mexico News Daily

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