Beyonce Just Revealed Her Twins On Instagram

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beyoncetwinsfrontThe 35-year-old pop star shared the photo, where she wears the same veil as in her original pregnancy photoshoot, last night.

The names of the two children were even confirmed as Sir Carter and Rumi.

Posing in front of a flower arch and draped in what can only be described as a cape made of mermaids, the singer holds her two babies.

The post read: Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today ❤

Her previous pregnancy photo broke records and became the most liked photo on Instagram.

Rumi is a Japanese girl’s name that means ‘beauty’ and ‘flow’, but also has Bengali origins that translate as ‘beautiful woman’.

Rumi is also the name of famous 13th century Persian poet and ‘mystic’ Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi who is the most popular poet in the U.S.

Hopefully she will reveal which meaning inspired her choice soon.

I’m pretty sure their surname is Carter, so welcome to the world Sir Carter Carter.

Source: Unilad