Big guacamole feast Sunday in Jalisco

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guacamolerecordfrontGuacamole enthusiasts will have a chance to sample the avocado-based concoction Sunday when a Jalisco municipality plans to prepare a rather large batch 3.5 tonnes in total.

Residents of Concepción de Buenos Aires, a town and municipality located in the Sierra del Tigre region south of Lake Chapala, will be mashing up avocados with their their eyes fixed on a Guinness record to help promote ecotourism in the area.

Concepción is a town and municipality located in the Sierra del Tigre region, south of Lake Chapala amidst lush forest vegetation.

An estimated 3,000 people are expected to show up on the weekend, along with a throng of volunteers and people from nearby towns, all ready to witness, and taste, the guacamole.

It will be prepared by a massive team of 630 culinary arts students from 13 different schools and 400 residents of Concepción, all directed by Guadalajara-based Chef Antonio Curto.

The event will also showcase farm producers from San Gabriel, Tamazula de Gordiano, San Martín Hidalgo and Tizapán el Alto, who along with locals will provide the necessary ingredients to prepare a traditional bowl of guacamole: 1,200 kilograms of avocados, 500 kilograms of tomatoes, 150 kilograms of onions, 200 kilograms of lemon, and coriander and salt to taste.

The bowl containing the guacamole will also have a starring role, as it could be considered a work of art itself. It was created by Guadalajara painter Aram Cortés, who told the newspaper La Jornada he drew inspiration from “Jalisco and its sunsets and landscape, but also from the strength and the labor of the men and women who work the harvest.”

The current Guinness record holder is the Michoacán municipality of Tancítaro, where a 2.6-tonne bowl of guacamole was prepared in 2013.

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Concepción de Buenos Aires
Concepción authorities hope to showcase the advances made in the state’s avocado chain of production with a Guinness win.

The state’s avocado output has tripled from 40,000 tonnes in 2012 to a whopping 120,000 tonnes last year. Exports to Canada, Japan, Europe, South America and the Middle East have surged, from 12,000 to 69,000 tonnes during that same period.

With 12,675 hectares of land dedicated to growing avocados in 13 municipalities, Jalisco is the second-largest producer of the fruit in Mexico after Michoacán.

Source: Mexico News Daily

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