Global traveler Award to Puerto Vallarta

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As the best tourist destination, the one chosen by North American residents. 


"Puerto Vallarta the best leisure destination 2020, in México", surpassed destinations such as Cabo San Lucas and Cancún.

 According to the most recent survey of Global Traveler, a page specialized in travel, carried out by experts of the tourist sector and constant travelers. The result of the "2020 Leisure Lifestyles Award" of Global Traveler, was announced in which Puerto Vallarta heads a list of Mexican cities and beaches which are favorites among the American public, informed Luis Villaseñor, in charge of the office of Public Trust, for the promotion and tourist publicity of Puerto Vallarta. According to the information provided by his web site Global Traveler has more than 300,000 readers, the site connects with frequent international travelers, with residence in the United States. According to Media Mark Research, Global Traveler's readers have an average network value of $2 million and 50 percent are CEOs or company owners. The site's readers take nine domestic flights per year and 93 percent travel abroad frequently, primarily in first and business class. More than 55 percent stay in 4 and 5-star hotels for an average of 60 nights per year. For Luis Villaseñor, the recognition comes at an extraordinary moment for Puerto Vallarta just when it is reactivating the tourism industry, with the start of operations with more hotels with all their facilities available as well as the beaches and the navigation of pleasure in the bay since last June 15.

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