In Jalisco, The "saving Lives" Program Celebrated Its Ninth Anniversary

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Preventing alcohol-related road accidents

This November 13 marked the ninth anniversary of the implementation of the Saving Lives program, whose operations are the responsibility of the Road Police Commissariat of the State Security Secretariat and are aimed at preventing and inhibiting road accidents related to alcohol consumption.

With this action, surveillance was reinforced to enforce compliance with Articles 72 and 186 of the Law of Mobility and Transportation of the State of Jalisco, issued in 2013, which prohibited driving vehicles under the influence of intoxicating beverages and, in case of incurring in this offense, issue the corresponding sanctions, ranging from economic fines to administrative arrests.

From the beginning of Saving Lives until October 31, 2022, the Road Police conducted five million 570 thousand 496 breathalyzer tests, which allowed the detection and retention of 47 thousand 525 people driving with excess alcohol in their blood, as well as the withdrawal from circulation of 47 thousand 542 vehicles.

In addition, during this period, 24,310 economic sanctions were issued to drivers who tested positive for alcohol under the permitted limit.

The operational work of Salvando Vidas has also allowed the arrest of people who are required by the judicial authorities due to various offenses committed in Jalisco and even in other entities, since, from January 2019 to October 31, 2022, 15 arrest warrants were served in the breathalyzer modules.

In addition to this, in the early morning of May 5 of this year, in one of the devices installed in the municipality of Zapopan, road officers managed to rescue two people deprived of their freedom, as well as the detention of two men identified as the alleged perpetrators.

A vehicle entered the breathalyzer filter with four people in it, driven by Guillermo "N", 56 years old, who tested positive to the qualitative test, and proceeded to perform the quantitative test.

A woman who was traveling in the back of the vehicle requested help from a traffic officer, mentioning that she and her companion had been deprived of their freedom moments before and that the vehicle belonged to her, so the corresponding protocols were immediately applied, also securing portable radios, a sharp object and an electric device, which, according to the persons assisted, was used to threaten them.

In order to continue promoting safe streets for everyone, the Road Police Department emphasizes the importance of avoiding driving vehicles while drinking alcoholic beverages and makes a strong appeal not to share the location of the Saving Lives modules, since both practices put at risk the lives of those who carry them out and other road users.