Urban Transportation In Puerto Vallarta Supports The Economy Of Tourists.

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333 Units for the Urban Transportation System of Puerto Vallarta.

If you are a tourist who travels by plane, economizing but with the passion to have a great time on your vacations. This article is for you.

Puerto Vallarta offers you multiple possibilities to have mobility accessible to your economy.

This Easter vacations, visit Puerto Vallarta and move around by city bus, because with 333 units of the UNIBUS company, you will be able to live the experience of moving freely at only $10.00 per ticket.

Four Avenues will connect you to the fun, and it's very simple since the friendliest city in the world always helps you find the best places for you. And with the help of your map apps, nowadays it's no problem to get on a bus, which will not only take you at a very low cost but you will feel very sheltered by local people who will always be available to help you with whatever you need.

Mexico Avenue, the avenue that connects you directly to the town of Ixtapa, Puerto Vallarta. It starts at Plaza Caracol, where the name of the street changes to Avenida Los Tules and passing Fluvial Vallarta it will become Avenida Mexico, if you continue straight ahead it will take you to Ixtapa, 4 bus routes will take you there.

Francisco Villa Avenue will take you to the heart of Pitillal, where you can live the experience of an almost magical town, with a large catholic church, a square with a kiosk and souvenir sales and unforgettable articles. Not to mention the delicious food offered by the people of Pitillal. More than 10 bus routes run along most of this avenue.

Avenida Luis Donaldo Colosio, better known as Avenida Libramiento, is an alternative way to get to Downtown, in case traffic is very busy. It is also known by locals as Avenida del Túnel (Tunnel Avenue), so you will see small signs on the trucks with the legend TUNEL (Tunnel). Almost all routes pass through here and the next avenue.

And finally, Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue, better known as Avenida Principal. It is the one that connects the hotels with the heart of downtown Puerto Vallarta, so all trucks with a sign that says CENTRO will undoubtedly go through this avenue.

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